Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I've made a decision ...

Well, I've recently beenlimiting myself here on Stardoll and now started to focus on certain projects only. I've been thinking about closing down Spice Couture along with some other stuff. And I've just made a decision ...

I'm gonna keep Spice Couture!!!
You know, designing has always been a passion of mine, so why give it up?
I won't release that many collections though. When I opened this blog I originally planned to release one RTW and one Couture collection each season as well as some lookbooks throughout the year.
Now, I will only release a RTW and a Couture collection for S/S and F/W. This way I won't have to do so much. And let's be honest, I haven't really done anything yet since the first collection, or have I?

By the way, I might release a spoiler this weekend.