Thursday, May 30, 2013

Model Applications + Sneak Peek!

Spice Couture is making a comeback!
I'm finally working on the haute couture collection and I'm super excited to tell you that I'm gonna release the collection in July! Meanwhile, here's a little sneak peek ...

This is my original design. Yes, it's hand-drawn, I hope you like it.
The models I have so far are ...
  • MandaMichalka
  • mathildamath
  • Julie.Nerd
  • [winner of CMA]
  • [winner of MMM]
Now I of course need some more models. If you want to participate in the fashion show, apply now!
  • Stardoll Name
  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Past experience / Portfolio:
  • Headshot without make-up:
If you fit into the concept of the collection, you will get chosen as a model. I will contact you as soon as I have chosen the models. You can apply until June 15th!!

Stay tuned,
xoxo Rafael