Sunday, June 30, 2013

Model List!

I just noticed that I never actually published the official model list for the Haute Couture collection. How embarrassing x)
Anyway, these are dolls that will appear in the fashion show (in alphabethical order).

  • Dreamiiiii
  • Julie.Nerd
  • kadet12
  • kaszmir13
  • MandaMichalka
  • Martusia_144
  • mathildamath
  • nikkiiGOESrawr
  • Rosahanaha
  • shancelle
  • smiling.jojoo
  • XxSophiie.LuvxX

Congratulations to everyone who made it into the fashion show! The collection will be released around July 13th. Stay tuned,
xoxo Rafael 

1 comment:

AlexRJ said...

Great! Thank you for the opportunity, im really excited!